Youth in foster care need trusted adults in their lives who can meet them where they and provide information for navigating relationships and sexuality. Learn how to be a safe and trustworthy resource for youth in this 4-hour training offered in-person and virtually for parents, caregivers, mentors, and other adults.

In this Training you will:

What People have said about Brave Conversations:

Having the training gives confidence to have these conversations intuitively. You know, you want to have straight talk with the kids. But if you’re a little uncertain, it just gives you the confidence.
- Advocate
I enjoyed the scenarios because they were realistic [and] the training had to do with things that are very likely to occur as a foster mom to a teenager.
- Caregiver
I had a conversation with a kid last week. Because of the Brave Conversations training I was able to have the conversation and it was actually an enjoyable conversation where we were laughing and sharing knowledge.
- Child Welfare Professional