Pink box with white text that says "THRIVE: Empowered Conversations about Sexual Health and Relationships"

THRIVE provides inclusive, trauma-informed sex education to youth. This research-based curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs and concerns of teens and young adults in foster care.

Over the course of 10-hour sessions, the THRIVE curriculum helps teens and young adults currently or previously in foster care:

  • Practice strategies for healthy communication and consent
  • Get information about sexual health and pregnancy prevention
  • Learn about accessing sexual and reproductive health services.

THRIVE empowers youth to make informed choices about their sexual health and reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

What People have said about thrive:

Since I’ve been coming to this class, I’ve been more aware of the things coming out of my mouth, and my boundaries. What I’m going to tolerate and not tolerate.
- Youth Participant
I didn’t believe I would soak in as much as I did. I know now what signs to look for in a healthy and unhealthy relationship, because ultimately I need to take care of myself.
- Youth Participant
I thought I was good at relationship stuff before, but these classes have helped me catch my own yellow flags. I’ve grown a lot.
- Youth Participant