TFYHI Dallas Welcomes New Community Educator, and Begins Trainings

TFYHI Dallas July 2021

The TFYHI Dallas team is happy to announce a new Community Educator has joined their team! Cici has already been an amazing asset to the team and is eager to get her feet wet on the Intervention Design Team and to begin providing community education.

On July 9th, the Dallas team held their third stakeholder meeting and introduced a short segment of the caregiver curriculum Brave Conversations. TFYHI’s Statewide Training Coordinator, Andrea Requenes, presented on Trauma Informed Strategies and Developmentally Appropriate Conversations. The team received thoughtful feedback from several stakeholders that they plan to address with the Intervention Design Team.

The team is also excited to start scheduling full Brave Conversations trainings later this summer and have already had several agencies express interest! There’s still plenty of time to participate. Reach out to Dallas Project Coordinator at to be added to the Dallas Stakeholder listserve and begin attending monthly meetings!