Working with the Harris County Youth Collective to Provide Trainings Throughout Houston

Harris County Youth Collective

The TFYHI Houston team and The Harris County Youth Collective (HCYC) continue to work together develop the near-peer mentoring program.  Near-peer mentors visit with youth in Residential Treatment Centers and with youth who don’t have a placement to build trust and lasting connections. This month, the HCYC peer mentors will be attending a training on LGBTQ+ inclusivity with The Montrose Center– a Houston non-profit organization working to empower the LGBTQ+ community to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. TFYHI will be providing additional training over the upcoming months to increase HCYC’s capacity to support young people specifically around the topics of sexual health and healthy relationships.

In celebration of father’s day the HCYC hosted a summer festival on June 12th, where they engaged the 5th ward community in a bike ride, block party, and speaker event. At the festival, HCYC shared information with the community about how to get involved in their peer mentoring and workforce development programs.

TFYHI Houston and the Harris County Youth Collective look forward to continuing to work together to engage and support youth in care and their communities.

Interested in supporting the work in Houston? Please reach out to Carolina Salmeron,