TFYHI Dallas Held Its First Stakeholder Meeting

TFYHI Dallas held its first stakeholder engagement meeting on May 7th. Twenty-one local agencies attended the meeting to learn about TFYHI’s accomplishments and goals the next six months. We asked participants, “What excites you most about this initiative?”  One stakeholder stated, “Having the opportunity to meet and work with some incredible, committed, advocates.” Another mentioned, “I’m excited to offer research-based info to youth and caregivers so that everyone feels more confident in their decisions.”

The next TFYHI Dallas stakeholder meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 4th and will be focused on understanding the needs of the youth in care and identifying gaps in services and specific issues we can address. We plan to introduce the Okayso App and intend to gather feedback from all stakeholders on implementing the Okayso App with youth, caregivers, and professionals at their organizations.

If you are interested in joining the Dallas stakeholders’ group, please reach out to Tia Brooks at  We are more than happy to receive feedback and expertise from you and would love for you to join our team if you are in the DFW metroplex!

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