Collaborating with the Harris County Youth Collective

TFYHI Houston May Update

The TFYHI Houston team continues to work closely with The Harris County Youth Collective (HCYC) to build a robust near-peer mentoring and workforce development program for youth in care. The youth and community specialists have begun piloting components of their Powerhouse program in group care settings, residential treatment centers, and through individual mentorship at the request of attorneys or judges. Also, the youth and community specialists are working closely with community partners to provide additional supports for Children Without Placement; these involve monthly visits that aim to connect with young people to promote healthy decision making and increased opportunities for placement.

TFYHI Houston and HCYC met to identify training and support needs for HCYC’s Youth and Community Specialists. The conversation focused on training topics related to supporting youth in care’s sexual and reproductive health and healthy relationships. HCYC’s Youth and Community Specialists support youth in care in both group settings and through individual mentorship, and want to be prepared to talk with youth about these topics in either setting. Major training needs identified were inclusive sex education for LGBTQ youth; trauma-informed practices and healthy coping skills; contraception and safer sex methods; digital literacy, privacy and boundaries; consent; healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics; youth rights related to accessing sexual and reproductive health care; and professional boundaries.

TFYHI Houston and HCYC look forward to continuing to work together to address these needs.

Interested in supporting the work in Houston? Please reach out to Carolina Salmeron,

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