TFYHI Additional Resources November 2021

Foster youth sexual health resources

In this roundup of resources for foster caregivers, child welfare professionals, and youth in care across Texas, find events, trainings, and opportunities throughout the state. Sign up for our newsletter to get monthly resources delivered to your inbox!

Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

  • Webinar: Suicide Prevention¬†| October 13
    • Learn about adolescent stress and depression, the warning signs of suicide, and how to respond to a young person in crisis in this hour-long webinar.
  • Webinar: Porn Literacy | October 27
    • Participants in this hour-long webinar will learn to analyze media messages, especially those around sexual topics.
  • Webinar: Faith-Based Values and Sex Education | November 10
    • In this session, participants will examine personal faith values regarding sexuality and compare and contrast personal values with the community they serve.

Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services

  • Webinar: Going Paperless¬†| October 21
    • In this virtual panel discussion, four agencies will share their experiences of launching a paperless data management system.
  • Webinar: Trauma-Informed Holiday Planning | October 26
    • Participants in this training will learn how to identify trauma and grief cycles and understand the patterns occurring before, during, and after the holiday season.
  • 2021 Texas Child Care Administrators Conference | November 8
    • In-person and virtual attendees will hear from expert speakers on innovative topics, including leadership, trauma, and commercial sexual exploitation of youth tracks.