Everyone has questions about sex, sexuality, and relationships—but for kids in foster care, finding answers from trusted sources can be challenging. That’s why we partnered with UN|HUSHED to create a sexuality education handbook specifically for caregivers and professionals working with youth in the child welfare system.


An Introduction to Sexuality Education: A Handbook for Child Welfare Providers provides strategies for sharing trauma-informed, medically accurate facts about sex and sexuality. The handbook equips caregivers and professionals with the tools needed to engage youth in open and age-appropriate conversations.

Now, we’re collaborating with UN|HUSHED to bring the critical lessons in this handbook to a wider audience! Stay tuned for updates on future opportunities to participate in workshops designed to help professionals connect youth in foster care to sex education.

What People have said about THE UN|HUSHED TRAINING:

The most useful part was realizing that you don't have to say everything perfectly when you begin a conversation with a youth.
- Participant
In foster care, sex is always a negative. The strength of the program was to show that sex is normal and healthy.
- Participant