Brave Conversations Campaign

We know the challenges posed by helping youth in foster care navigate relationships and sexuality. Our new multimedia campaign builds off of our Brave Conversations training to provide foster caregivers with tips and resources covering 5 critical topics:

  • Helping find trustworthy information
  • Setting rules and expectations
  • Starting conversations about healthy relationships
  • Creating a welcoming environment
  • Navigating tough discussions

These topics can be hard to tackle, but we’re here to help. Check out our fact sheets and guides below!

Campaign Resources

Helping find trustworthy information
Teens may ask questions that you don’t always know the answer to. With our new campaign, we’re helping connect you to the resources you need to be a trusted source of support.
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Our new comprehensive resource list covers everything from technology and relationships to trauma and sexuality.
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Setting rules and expectations
Setting rules and boundaries with the youth you’re caring for is never easy. But when you model open and respectful communication, you can help teens find common ground and earn their trust.
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Our new resource walks you through how to be transparent and listen to your teen’s perspective when working on boundaries. 
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Starting conversations about healthy relationships
It can be hard to know how to start open conversations about dating and consent with the teens in your care. TV shows, movies, and music can be the perfect way to launch ongoing discussions.
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Check out our tip sheet for strategies on sparking conversations about healthy relationships and consent.
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Creating a welcoming environment
Even when you don’t understand your teens, they still need you to support them as they figure out who they are. Help the teens in your care explore their identities by creating a welcome and affirming environment for them.
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Get ideas on building a safe and secure environment for your teen to explore their sexual and gender identities.
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Navigating difficult conversations
All of the topics we’ve covered above can bring up tricky discussions. You can can support the teens in your care by supporting them even when they make mistakes and talking through decisions they’ve made that you might not agree with.
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Find tips on leading difficult conversations in our new resource.
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