Brave Conversations Tools & Resources

We’ve developed  videos, activities and resources to accompany our Brave Conversations training. Check out our handouts for youth and caregivers below. Stay tuned as we add more resources in the months to come! 

In the following videos, hear from caregivers about how to have Brave Conversations with youth in your care.

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Brave Conversations Participant Booklet
This participant booklet summarizes key lessons from our Brave Conversations training and provides space for notes, thoughts, and doodles. 

Brave Conversations Resource List
This resource list compiles online information and tipsheets from external organizations on topics including healthy relationships, trauma, and digital privacy.

Gender & Sexuality Guide
This handout breaks down key terms related to gender and sexual identity and provides tips and resources for affirming and supporting youth’s identities.

Relationships Safety & Red Flags Worksheet
This handout prompts youth to consider warning signs for abuse in their relationships and provides external resources for support with dating and relationships.

Is My Relationship Healthy? Worksheet
This handout quizzes youth on whether their relationship is built on a shared foundation of trust, support, respect, and equality and provides external resources with youth-friendly relationship information.

How to Visit a Sexual & Reproductive Health Care Provider Guide
Caregivers and youth can review this worksheet together to learn about accessing sexual and reproductive healthcare and prepare for visits with a healthcare provider.

Setting Rules and Expectations Guide
This resource walks you through how to be transparent and listen to your teen’s perspective when discussing expectations and boundaries.

Starting Conversations About Healthy Relationships Guide
This tip sheet offers strategies on sparking conversations about healthy relationships and consent.

Creating a Welcoming Environment Guide
This resource provides ideas on building a safe and supportive environment for your teen to explore their sexual and gender identities.

Navigating Difficult Conversations Guide
This resource offers tips on handling difficult conversations with the youth in your care.