TFYHI Dallas Holds Second Stakeholder Meeting

TFYHI Dallas Hold its Second Stakeholder Meeting

TFYHI Dallas held its second stakeholder engagement meeting on June 4th. Twenty-one local agencies attended the meeting to learn more about the interventions that we are developing for caregivers, parents, mentors and other youth serving adults.  Stakeholders provided amazing feedback and insight around what should be included.

The TFYHI Dallas stakeholder group also learned about the Okayso mobile App.  The Dallas Project Coordinator has officially been trained as an expert and is available to answer questions and provide advice and resources through the app. This is an exciting resource for youth and adults!

The next TFYHI Dallas stakeholder meeting is scheduled for Friday July 2nd, 2021 and will focus on how stakeholder feedback is supporting curriculum revisions.  Also, we will be scheduling the first trainings for foster caregivers in August.  We are excited about the growing community interest in TFYHI and in training and education for youth, caregivers or youth serving staff!

If you are interested in joining the Dallas stakeholders’ group, please reach out to Tia Brooks at  We are more than happy to receive feedback and expertise from you and would love for you to join our team if you are in the DFW metroplex!